Celebrating life from the start

Would you like to feel empowered, prepared and are looking for assistance for yourself and your partner

- to conceive

- to create a relaxed, positive and joyful pregnancy

- to prepare for a calm and satisfying birth and postnatal period


I can help you achieve your goals and have extensive personnel and professional experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Reflexologist, Maternity Reflexologist and Infant Massage Instructor.


If you are trying to get pregnant or you would like to prepare for pregnancy to be in your optimum health mentally, emotionally and physically, please click on Fertility.

If you are pregnant and are looking for some help, pease click on Hypnotherapy,Maternity Reflexology and Relaxation Classes.

If would like to prepare for a gentle and comfortable birth, please click on HypnoBirthing. Watch some HypnoBirthing Births on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HypnoBirthingVideos

Congratulations, if you just had your baby. To find out more about Infant Massage Classes, please click on Infant Massage.


If you wish to discuss how I can support you, please contact me on 0417948269 by email or book a 20min. free consultation.


If you aren't pregnant and are looking for help for any issue in your life through Hypnotherapy and Reflexology, please visit my website www.positivelifechanges.com.au



Give a gift of health and well-being for christmas, birth, birthday,...




It’s the well being of the child.

Through these programs you can ensure, 

their troubles will be mild.

Calm of nature, confident and loving to be around.

Coming into this world where love does abound.

Connected to their mother.

Bonded through caring, nurturing

they will be like no other.

Caring for their sisters and brothers.

Values founded well before they were born.

Feeling mothers love when in the womb.

Christina’s passion is for all mothers, children and siblings.

To experience this feeling of joyous beginnings.

John Macleod 02/05/09



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