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Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies, increase self-awareness with a goal of facilitating positive change.

I use Counselling in combination with EFT and/or Hypnotherapy and work with you to determine what you want to do and what is right for you.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

EFT is a simple yet powerful stress reduction method which also has been referred to as ‘psychological acupuncture’. It combines psychotherapy and acupressure, bringing together elements of exposure, cognitive therapy and somatic stimulation. EFT can address a range of issues by simply focusing on the issue you would like to address with an acceptance statement, along with a simple two finger tapping on acupressure points on the body. This results in a calming effect on the amygdala (the stress centre of the brain) and the hippocampus (the brains memory centre). Both of them determine if something is, or isn’t, a threat. It seems to have the same calming effect on cortisol – the stress hormone.


Dr Peta Stapleton, Clinical and Health Psychologist in Australia, and world leading Researcher and Trainer in EFT has provided lots of research.


Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress and has an immediate calming effect which in turn is helping to find clarity and solutions.

EFT has shown to have remarkable and positive effects on:
- trauma, birth trauma

- anxiety,
- phobias
- promoting weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight after weight loss, and the elimination of food cravings
- fears
- any emotional or physical issues.


EFT is simple and easy to use in the sessions and can have quick and lasting results. I also teach you to use it on your own as a self empowering tool and you can teach it to your family. I use EFT in combination with Counselling in itself or also in combination with Hypnotherapy.


Together we will discuss how you want to work on your issues.


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapist’s Association and hold a government accredited  Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. “The AHA is the National Registration Body for hypnotherapists and has been the premier association for hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists since 1949. It is the oldest and largest hypnotherapy organisation in Australia. Registration with such a professional body reflects a hypnotherapist’s willingness to demonstrate to the public a strong desire to be accountable. Registration is the only formal process that members of the public can rely on in relation to standards and accountability.” To find out more about the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, click here.


What is Hypnosis?
Have you ever daydreamed? Got absorbed in a book, or drove somewhere without remembering how you got there? This is the state of hypnosis! Most of all it is a normal and natural state of deep relaxation and increased focused concentration. In conclusion all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are fully in control and aware of everything that is happening. Your conscious, or critical mind is temporarily bypassed while in a state of hypnosis. This allows access to your subconscious, which is the most powerful part of your mind. Thus real and lasting change can be made.

What is Hypnotherapy?
The state of hypnosis is used in Hypnotherapy to bring about change on a subconscious level. It is in the subconscious where our deep emotions, beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are held. The decisions we make are tinted by our subconscious beliefs. Henceforth they shape our lives. When we are ready to make a lasting, positive change in our lives, we must address and change these subconscious patterns. Positive and life enhancing suggestions are suggested. Thus allowing for the negative, life diminishing thoughts, beliefs or unwanted behaviour patterns to be released. As a result positive attitudes are enhanced and desired and lasting change is achieved. As the subconscious can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination, we use creative visualisations to bring about the desired changes.

Hypnosis is now recognised more and more by the medical profession as a effective complimentary therapy:

  • The British Medical Association issued a report in 1955 stating that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool

  • Hypnosis was recognised by the American Medical Association in 1958 as a viable scientific modality.

  • The American Psychiatric Association recognised in 1962 that hypnosis was a viable modality to treat some psychological problems.

Is it safe?
Yes. When carried out by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotherapist, it is safe, with no harmful side effects.

How will I feel?
You will feel safe, calm and wonderfully relaxed. Furthermore you are not asleep or unconscious but fully aware. You are in control of your body and mind and you can terminate the session at any time.

 Finally you cannot be made to do something what you don’t wish to do.


How does a session look like?
Firstly we start with an interview exploring the issue you want to change. We will be talking about  what is Hypnosis, what to expect during the session and how we are going to work on it. Only once you feel comfortable and ready, do we start the session. The first session can last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Follow up session are mostly shorter, however if necessary, we will go on for longer.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:
- Anxiety, fears
- Weight loss, eating habits
- Stop-smoking
- Increase self-confidence and motivation

- Let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
- Break negative habits
- Fertility


Prepare for a calm and positive birth
Are you afraid of birth? Have you heard negative birth stories? Do you and your partner want to empower yourselves for a beautiful birth experience? Do you want to develop a positive mindset and learn some tools to achieve a positive birth experience for you and your baby?


Do you think Birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear?
When a woman is prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for birth and has good support, she can birth her baby feeling calmer, comfortable and confident. HypnoBirthing® combines evidence-based childbirth education with relaxation, breathing techniques, positive imagery and affirmations to reduce fear, pain, and stress for a calm and positive birth.


HypnoBirthing is known in 46 countries throughout the world and has proven itself as an effective childbirth preparation course. Despite its name, HypnoBirthing is genuinely logical, and science based.

HypnoBirthing will help you to:  

  • Be prepared to give birth in calm and confidence.

  • Feel more connected to your body, your baby and your birth partner.

  • Feel empowered to make informed choices.

  • Massage techniques, affirmations and visualisations to reduce pain and fear in birth.

  • Learn different techniques, such as breathing techniques, relaxation techniques.

  • Prepare together with your partner so they become confident in how they can support you and advocate for the birth you want to achieve.

  • Reduce the chances of postnatal depression and anxiety.


The HypnoBirthing course includes:

  • 5 x 2.5 Hour Sessions for you and your birth companion.

  • The HypnoBirthing Book – The Mongan Method.

  • Australian Rainbow Relaxation MP3.

  • Beautifully Bound Class Handouts including relaxation scripts.

  • Birth preferences and birth companion templates.

  • What you will learn in the HypnoBirthing antenatal classes.

  • Everything you need to know to achieve a safer, more comfortable and calm birth

  • The role of your birth partner in supporting and advocating for you and the baby

  • What’s gone wrong with labour as we know it, why and how to overcome it

  • What the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome is, how to avoid it and reduce pain.

  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis to eliminate fear and tension through pregnancy and birth.

  • Techniques of deep relaxation, massage and visualisation during labour.

  • Special breathing techniques to have a shorter, more comfortable labour.

  • How your body is naturally designed to birth your baby with ease and comfort.

  • How to greatly reduce the need for drugs and other interventions.

  • Understand the different stages of labour and the birth process.

  • How to create your body’s own natural pain relief.

  • Natural ways to stimulate labour without chemical induction.

  • The importance of bonding before and after the birth of your baby.

  • Gentle birthing techniques that allow you to avoid hard physical pushing and tearing.

  • Help you to remain calm and confident whatever turn your birthing takes.

  • A toolbox of techniques that will not only change your birth, but will also change your life and are useful for after birth as well.


The benefits of HypnoBirthing ®  are:
77% of HpnoBirthing® mothers who birth vaginally do so without epidural anaesthesia.  
45% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed in under eight hours. 
17% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed via C-section, compared to the national average of 32%
5% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in the comfort of their homes (national average is less than 1%)
6% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in freestanding birth centres (national average is less than 1%)

Flexible payment options are available.

To express your interest, contact me here.  

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