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Image by Dragos Gontariu
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Are you afraid or nervous about birth? Have you heard negative frightening birth stories or have had a negative birth experience? Do you want to release the fears and create a positive mindset?

​We were all born and how and what we experienced stays with us for the rest of our lives, without us being consciously aware.

Sometimes those implicit memories or our upbringing can leave us with misconceptions about birth, fears or any other negative thoughts and emotions.

Birth is a natural, very intense, and transformative event and you would like it to be a joyous and amazing moment in your life for yourself and your baby, as your baby has an experience of birth too.

However birth is a journey. But preparing yourself in your mind, releasing fears and old unhelpful imprints, gaining to trust yourself and the innate ability of your body can help make it that amazing experience it is meant to be.

What if birth could be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear?

What do I offer:

After an initial talk together, we'll make a treatment plan together to suit your exact needs to assist you reach your goals. 

This could include any of the following but is not exclusive:

  • Releasing fears and anxieties

  • Releasing previous birth experiences

  • Establishing a positive mindset and self confidence

  • Any other emotional issues

  • Discovering your own pregnancy and birth imprints


I previously have been teaching HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Classes. I now offer one on one online sessions using my Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT skills integrated with my knowledge of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and experience of working in the field of pregnancy and birth for nearly 20 years.

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