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Are you pregnant and are feeling overwhelmed and worried? Do you want to learn simple tools to manage stressful situations? Do you want to create a more positive mindset? Do you want to be more aware and bond with your baby?

Being pregnant and giving birth are wonderful natural life experiences for which a woman’s body is well designed for. It is an exciting and joyful time. But it can also be a challenging and stressful or anxious time. You are faced with different thoughts and emotions and the amazing changes the body is going through. You might be working and looking after your family, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Stress or negative thoughts and feelings can also come from having a pregnancy that is unplanned or becoming pregnant after a previous negative pregnancy, birth or motherhood experience. Stress is a normal reaction to a major change such as pregnancy. However, too much stress can be overwhelming and could even lead to health problems both for you and your baby.

Early birth psychology research is now supported by neuroscience, epigenetics, and ultrasound technology. We know now that babies in the womb are listening, sensing, and feeling all of the mothers’ experiences.

In Caracas, Venezuela, a longitudinal study of 600 families randomized into experimental and control groups was done in 1993. Extensive measurements were made at two days, one month, 18 months, and three years of age. Prenatal bonding and enrichment was accomplished in a 13-week course of two hours per week, using the guidebook Answer Your Baby which teaches techniques of communication between the mother and the baby. It showed that the babies who had been part of the prenatal enrichment group, when measured showed consistently superior visual, auditory, language, memory, and motor skills. In addition, their mothers had greater confidence, were more active in labor, had greater success in breastfeeding, and showed more intense bonding and family cohesion. When measured at later ages, the experimental infants continued to outperform the control infants on every test.

Taking the time to create a loving and welcoming environment can have a profound and lasting effect on yourself and your baby’s physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Dr. David Chamberlain, a well-known psychologist and author says:
Considering all we know today about the realities of life before birth, we must reset the clock on parenthood. To start parenting early, you cannot miss the period from conception to birth!


What I offer:

After an initial talk together, we'll make a treatment plan together to suit your exact needs to reach your goals. 

This could include any of the following but is not exclusive:

  • Deal with Stress and Anxiety

  • Release Fears, phobias

  • Create a positive mindset

  • Any other emotional issues

  • Learn Relaxation techniques and positive visualizations

  • Take time to bond with your unborn baby

​​I offer one on one online sessions using my counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT skills integrated with my knowledge of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and experience of working in the field of pregnancy and birth for nearly 20 years.

I also offer an online 4-week course: “The secret to a calm, confident and connect pregnancy and birth.” For more information, please contact me.

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