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Young Couple Expecting


You’re expecting your first baby and are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired? You are experiencing anxiety and are worried? You struggle with morning sickness? You’ve been wanting to stress less, build your confidence and treasure these special months before baby arrives?

Being pregnant and giving birth are natural life experiences for which a woman’s body is well designed for. It is an exciting and joyful time. But it can also be a challenging and stressful or anxious time. You are faced with different thoughts and emotions and the amazing changes the body is going through. You might be working and looking after your family, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and tired.

Stress can also come from having a pregnancy that is unplanned, or becoming pregnant after previous negative experiences with a pregnancy, birth or motherhood. Stress is a normal reaction to a major change such as pregnancy. However, too much stress can be overwhelming and could even lead to health problems both for you and your baby.

Early birth psychology research is now supported by neuroscience, epigenetics, and ultrasound technology. We know now that babies in the womb are listening, sensing and feeling all of the mothers’ experiences.


Creating a loving and welcoming environment can have a profound and lasting effect in a baby’s life. 
Dr. David Chamberlain, a well-known psychologist quotes:


Considering all we know today about the realities of life before birth, we must
reset the clock on parenthood. To start parenting early, you cannot miss the period from conception to birth!


I can help with:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Fears

  • Morning sickness

  • Any other emotional issues

  • Stop smoking

  • Relaxation and increasing self confidence

  • Bonding with your unborn baby

  • Create a calm and positive pregnancy

Therapies may include a combination of Counselling, EFT and Hypnotherapy, in person or online. Together we'll make a treatment plan to suit your exact needs to assist you reach your goals. 

I also offer an online 4-week course: The secret to a calm, confident and connect pregnancy and birth. CLICK HERE TO find out more

To find out more, contact me to book your FREE 30min discovery session (phone).  During this time we can chat in more detail about your current situation, your goals and how I can help you

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