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Young couple looking at pregnancy test


Are you struggling with fertility issues? Feeling stressed, frustrated and anxious about becoming pregnant or staying pregnant? Do you experience unexplained infertility? Are you undergoing IVF treatment and want to increase your chances?

When trying for a baby you can experience such a roller coaster of emotions, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, jealousy and guilt. You know that stress can further decrease your changes of conceiving, but it is difficult to switch off these emotions and remain calm and relaxed.

Research in neuroscience has shown that emotions permeate both mind and body and can affect many systems of your body including the reproductive system. 

Take charge of your fertility!

I can help you with:

  • Overcoming the stress, overwhelm, anxiety and worry and gain control

  • Releasing trauma, for example of a miscarriage

  • Identifying and removing psychological blocks to becoming pregnant

  • Increasing calm and confidence in your mind and increasing your changes of conceiving in your body

  • Lessens the intensity of the memory of the IVF experience, and it can also help you remain calmer with each stage of the next IVF cycle

  • Can enhance IVF treatment

Therapies may include a combination of Counselling, EFT and Hypnotherapy, in person or online. Together we'll make a treatment plan to suit your exact needs to assist you reach your goals.  

To find out more, contact me to book your FREE 30min discovery session (phone).  During this time we can chat in more detail about your current situation, your goals and how I can help you.

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