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Birth Psychology

Image by Omar Lopez
Image by Vitor Monthay

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology or Birth Psychology is a field of scientific research and observation that explores the lifelong impact of our earliest experiences in the womb from conception onwards through pregnancy, birth and the first few years of life.

We are learning through the fields of epigenetics, neuroscience and so forth how these early experiences affect our current lives as adults, impacting our physical health, our emotional capacity, our mental beliefs and our social lives.

A new Paradigm is emerging, and we now know that babies are capable of feeling, learning, remembering and communicating before, during and after birth. This dramatically changes the ways in which we connect and interact with babies during pregnancy, through the birth process, and throughout infancy.

This new understanding makes the periods of conception/ pregnancy and birth an important time in the life of a woman and ideally we want prenatal care and support of pregnant mothers to the of the highest priority of our society.  Because the physical and emotional wellbeing of pregnant mothers directly impacts the physical and emotional wellbeing of their babies in the womb, which in turn influences the wellbeing of our society.


APPPAH, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health believes that creating a healthy womb helps to create a healthy world.


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